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Winners Of The First-Ever SubSahran African Youtube Awards

As Stated by Susan Wojcicki, Youtube’s CEO, the Sub-saharan African Youtube awards is the Manner of Observing Founders of Google . Makeup and Fashion — Kangai Mwiti Kangai Mwiti can be really actually just a fashion and cosmetics station providing you with hints, tutorials, and tricks because of the more than 100 million readers. Videos within this station have gotten countless of perspectives.
Entertainment — NdaniTV. It insures fashion entertainment, sports and more.
Comedy — April 1987 Kansiime Anne Born, Kansiime is still amongst the comediansin Uganda. She’s also Actress, a television presenter and writer. Her station that is YouTube has a lot greater than 400 million subscribers and she’s gained countless of perspectives inside her videos.
While being located in a minumum of among those eight states That they had to own 50,000 contributors. The eight states chosen were:Senegal, and Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria. Wojcicki said: Mr Teju Ajani SSA, of Partnerships,commended the chances Youtube has made designed for creators. He explained: He gave a good example inHakima Raymond, who educated himself to run a orchestra with YouTube videos, resulting in international celebrity on the series “An African City. The Sub-saharan African Youtube awards were awarded watch the winners beneath;
Music — yellow-brick Cinema It really is. It stocks meditation, sleep, comfort, as well as music of this type. In perspectives, this station is currently hitting near several billion.
Pets and creatures — Earth Touch This station is about could be your entire world and everything is currently happening with it, in addition to creatures. It’s more than 200 million subscribers.
Its own station that is YouTube has more than 350 million subscribers.
Games — Slushy A-J Slushy A J is that places are channeled by really just actually a South African American games on games that are unique. It’s more than 60 million subscribers.
Non profit — Jim Nduruchi Jim Nduruchi can be really just actually a station which is targeted through services that are charitable. It educates and gives assistance. The objective is towards ruining jiggers.
Ramscomics / / Supastrikas With more than 125 million subscribers on Youtube, it really can be in regards to socio-political contents which can be 34, actually just really a cartoon production house that is good.
News and politics — Millard Ayo ever since that time, it’s gained and This station began in 2012.
Photoshop Tutorials This station and education — Retutpro — Photography is devoted to retouching technique clarified and lots of more and teaching processes and areas of photography includingPhotoshop impacts. The station has more than 100 million subscribers.
Websites and people — Suzelle DIY this really is whatSuzelle DIY station is about if you’re considering doing things yourself. With more than 80 videos, it’s over a 100 million subscribers.
Fitness — Six Package Factory This really is a remarkably common physical exercise station with over 1.2 million followers. It has.

Champions of This SubSahran African Youtube Awards: 

Prime Rated Subscribed Creator at Uganda — Kansiime Anne Top Subscribed Creator at Ghana — OfficialSarkodie Top Subscribed Creator at Kenya — Churchill Show Top Subscribed Creator at Nigeria — Mark Angel Comedy Top Subscribed Creator at Senegal — Prince Arts Top Subscribed Creator at Southafrica — Yellow-brick Cinema Top Subscribed Creator at Tanzania — DiamondPlatnumz Top Subscribed Creator at Zimbabwe — Mufti Menk SEE ALSO:Shatta Wale: 10 Lesser Known Facts Concerning The Ghanaian Producer the Most Effective subscribed Nollywood Station award Has Been Awarded to Ibaka Television. For its inch million readers, yellow-brick Cinema has been awarded a Youtube golden drama with match.

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