Top-10 Kenyan Programs Each Techie Has To Possess

Kenyanapps’ age is here! We’re starting to see Kenya flourish at the field ofInformation Technology (IT) as it pertains to this mobile program subsectors. We’re starting to see powerful and new mobile and web applicationsbeing started to fulfill a particular demand for Smartphone and TabletPC users nearly constantly. Certainly, part of what’s led to thisincrease from the requirement for Kenyan appsis that the infiltration of cheap cellular apparatus in the market.Kenya continues to create the most effective mobile software in the spot, a few which may have found their way beyond the boundaries of Africa. Obviously, the fantastic thing is why these applications aren’t merely the very best but they’re also the very awesome. You ought to possess in your own cellphone. .

Inch.  MedAfrica

Manufactured by Shimba technologies, MedAfrica is specialized in taking healthcare services as long as you can to the frequent individual. It’s a robust health care record in where you are able to get accredited advice on medical practioners, locate local hospitals, and track the indicators and indicators of various health ailments. The application form also includes advice on recommended drugs and diets for specific health problems.

2.  Africa Travelguide

Africa Travel Guide is just actually really a portable application built to provide you comprehensive tourist advice for over a thousand travel destinations in Africa. It’s filled with info about history, culture, beaches, restaurants & hotels, pubs, entertainment, nightlife and transport to mention only afew. The fantastic thing is the fact it’s a off line application therefore that you don’t need to be on the web to get this info. A few of the major destinations insured by Africa Travelguide program comprise Accra, Addis Ababa, and Mombasa amongst many others.

3.  M-Farm

Like a “firm solution for agriculture,” ” M-Farm is about linking farmers, allowing them to talk about thoughts and thus improving theflow of products and services. It enhances operational efficiency by allowing agricultural organisations and groups to serve their associates that usually are spread over distance. The application form can aid with purchase & production preparation, broadcasting alert messages via SMS and estimating the price of production.

4. My Social-media

My societal networking marketing extends to you a voice alarm should you own a telling on any one of the significant social networking platforms. This usually means that you don’t need to stare. It could sound perhaps not useful before you look at the number of hours you do nothing on face book or even Twitter. Together with My social websites program, as soon as you’ve upgraded your profile, then you can logout and return just once you own a telling to reply.

5. Olalashe

Olalashe is just a Maasai word for ‘brother’. The application form itself is really just a brotherly geo-alert tracking system which allows one to communicate where you are in times of distress. It uses a widget which makes it feasible to automatically ship where you are and also a preset message into a listing of connections (also pre set ). As soon as you end up in some big trouble, only press a button onto your mobile apparatus and the info will be transmitted into your pre-selected contacts.Olalashe can be a totally free program from Capefield.


Kasha is a portable application for storing messages for quite a while. The program chiefly concentrates on the mobile currency service industry. With the boost in mobile trades within the nation, trade IDs will end up another obstacle; the minute that you drop the ID, there isn’t any proof transaction. The agency is already designed for Zap, yuCash along with m pesa. Interested parties can enroll via the major site or through SMS.

7.  iCow

ICow is voice-message based MobilePhone application and also a SMS. It can help small farmers track the estrus stages of cattle also supplies the farmers hints about reproduction, gestation, nutrition and milk-production efficiency. The application form targets reducing mortality levels in cattle, produce healthy nerves and fundamentally increase yields. Forbes rated iCow the very most effective African program of 2010.

8.  NikoHapa

NikoHapa joins shows and friends clients fresh joints in the city. If you’re likely to joint A tonight, then it is easy to make your friends find out about this via NikoHapa. The application form also functions like a loyalty application for example users that see certain locations, restaurants or stores for any particular variety of times are rewarded with cash and also permitted to split the locations together with friends.

9. M-Pepea

M-PEPEA supplies small loans to enrolled members based upon income. It targets fulltime employees and based upon your own monthly income that you might qualify between $58 and $350.M-PEPEA charge is an entirely automated credit system devoted to supplying small crisis loans using Safaricom m pesa immediately, 24 hrs each day and seven days per week.M-PEPEA offers emergency micro-loans if you want them . The agency uses Safaricom’s m pesa system to find cash immediately on your hands where you have service.

10.  M-shop

M-Shop is a award-winning application developed and piloted as from 11th December 2012 to allow clients reserve tickets to your bus, aviation and pictures. M-Shop services can be found through the Android program and on the web in “brings industry into the people today ” though you may even assert that it can take the folks into the marketplace. Throughout the program, purchases can be made by clients, cover goods or services and obtain tickets for assorted and traveling events with convenience and ease. The application form empowers tickets that are such to be validated by Ticket-holders. A hundred applications certainly really are maybe not with this checklist, the majority that are also helpful; youprobably been aware about M-Chanjo, I-Daktari, M-Prep and several more. This goes to demonstrate how fast technology keeps now growing in Kenya.

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