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Schools Back in Kenya: Nationwide, Worldwide And Personal Educational Institutions [PartI ]

The significance Kenya has for instruction can be understood at the amount and caliber of schools within the united states particularly in the high and primary schools. It will be remembered that only recently, two Secondary schools in Kenya were recorded one of the most effective 10 secondary schools in Africa from The African Economist .The latest standing of their secondary schools recorded 100 schools around Africa with exemplary facilities, very excellent learning environment and consistent top education standards. Rift Valley Academy came up to two while International School of Kenya arrived at number seven Africa at a listing which has been dominated by schools at southafrica mostly. Eight other colleges in Kenya also were able to make the cutthese comprise:Rift Valley Academy,International School of Kenya,Strathmore School,Alliance Senior High School,Starehe Boys’ Centre,Lenana School,Nyeri High School,Hillcrest Secondary School. Here’s a thorough collection of schools in Kenya, both International, community, both private and for-profit colleges. Here we proceed. Faculties in Mombasa KenyaBaptist Estate SchoolBombo Primary SchoolThe Bombolulu School Of PromiseFahari Primary SchoolGolden Chariot Primary-school,MshomoroniMakupa Primary SchoolKags Joy AcademyKiembeni Estate SchoolKihclinguini Estate SchoolKimbunga Primary SchoolMombasa Children — Nyali Primary SchoolMM Shah Primary SchoolMombasa Light Academy Primary SchoolMombasa AcademyOshwal AcademyShiekh Nurein Primary SchoolAhzab Academy, GanjoniFairfield Academy — Mombasa IslandGreenfield Academy — MtwapaTwinkle Stars Academy– Kaloleni, GiriamaBraeburn Mombasa International School — ShanzuAga Khan Academy Mombasa — LikoniEstate View Academy, KiembeniMwganda Primary-school — Mombasa Secondary/High Schools at KenyaThe Kahawa Garrison School [Kahawa]Agoro Sare Senior School –OyugisAbwao Secondary SchoolAndrew Murimi Secondary-school, (Nairobi)Anesta Boys Secondary School, NakuruAbrar Senior School, Kenya, Rift Valley, Eldoret, Uasin Gishu District.Ading’o Opanga Secondary-school, NyandoAga Khan Academy, MombasaAga Khan Academy, Nairobi, Park Lands,NairobiAhero Girls Secondary School,KisumuAkoko Secondary-school, Bondo District, NyanzaAldai Girls Senior School, NandiAlendu Secondary-school,KisumuAlliance Senior School,Kikuyu, est 1926Alliance Girls Senior School,KikuyuAlungo Secondary-school, Kombewa,KisumuAlwala Secondary-school, Kombewa,KisumuAmasege Secondary SchoolAmasago Secondary SchoolAmbira Boys Siaya NyanzaAndingo-Opanga Secondary, NyandoArap Moi Girls Senior School, VihigaArchbishop Okoth Ojolla Girls Secondary SchoolAsumbi Girls Senior School,KisiiKisii, KenyaAquinas Boys Senior School, by Alex KiemaButere Boys’ Senior High School, ButereBar Union Kisumu, NyanzaBishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School,NyeriBalambla Secondary-school, Balambala District.Bishop Ndingi Senior School, MachakosBishop Okumu, Obuora, Nyandi DistrictBonde Secondary-school, Kombewa, KisumuBoro Secondary-school, (Siaya)Bucheya Girls Secondary School (Butere)Bunyore Girls Secondary, VihigaButere Girls Senior School, ButereButula Boys Senior School, BusiaBright Light Girls’ Senior High School, NjoroBrookeshine Secondary-school, Nairobi/KangundoCardinal Otunga High School (Mosocho), KisiiCardinal Otunda Girls Senior School, BungomaCarmel Girls Senior School, Mbiuni MachakosCity Senior School, NairobiEst 1952; Closed 1995Chanagande Elementary School, KaloleniChania Senior School, ThikaChavakali Senior School, VihigaChebisaas Girls Senior School,Chebukwa Secondary-school, BungomaChesamisi Senior School, Kimilili, BungomaCheptenye Senior School, KerichoChianda Boys Bondo NyanzaChulaimbo Boys’ NyanzaChuka Senior School, Chuka, MeruChogoria Girls Senior School, Chogoria, MeruConsolata Secondary School, Westlands, NairobiD.H.T Secondary, KisumuDagoretti Senior School,NairobiDaraja Academy, NanyukiDarajani Senior School, KibweziDevonshire Secondary-school (Ranas) Est 1979, Closed 2003Diemo Secondary-school, Kombewa, KisumuDivine Word Senior High School, Katani, NairobiDr. Aloo Gumbi Secondary, KisumuDudi Girls High SchoolDzitsoni Senior School, Kilifi, est 1979Dr. Krapf Secondary-school, KaloleniEastleigh High SchoolEbusakami Secondary, VihigaEmbakasi Secondary, Embakasi, NairobiEmusire Senior School, VihigaEronge Secondary-school, NyamiraEndarasha Boys High SchoolEbusiratsi Mixed Secondary SchoolEmatsuli Secondary SchoolEnkinda Mixed Secondary School, NyamiraEshitari Secondary-school, ButereFlamingo Nakuru R.V ProvinceFriends School Kamusinga, Western KenyaGakurwe Secondary-school,Murang’aGarissa Boys’ Senior High School,GarissaGanze Secondary-school,KilifiGatanga Girls’ School,ThikaGatura Girls’ School, ThikaGekano Senior School,NyamiraGetarwet Secondary,LiteinGiakanja Boys Senior School,Central ProvinceGituru Secondary-school, ThikaGongo Warom Secondary-school,SiayaGulab Lochab Academy,EldoretHamisi Senior School, MombasaHekima Girls High SchoolHighway Secondary-school, KisumuThe Highway Secondary School, South-b,NairobiHoma Bay Senior School,Homa BayGisambai Senior School, VhigaGaicahnjiru Senior School, MaraguaIlbissil Girls Secondary SchoolImani School, ThikaIrigithathi Secondary-school, NdaragwaIyego Secondary-school, Murang’aJaffery Academy, MombasaJamhuri Senior School, NairobiJera Mixed Secondary School, Siaya DistrictJomo Kenyatta Senior High School, Nakuru DistrictKagonya High SchoolKabaa Boys High SchoolKabare Girls Senior School, KirinyagaKabianga Boys Senior School, KerichoKagumo High SchoolKagwe Girls High SchoolKahuhia Girls’ Senior High School, Central Province — Murang’aKakamega School, KakamegaKegoye Senior School, KakamegaKaheti Senior School (Mukurweini Nyeri)Kalou Secondary-school, Ol’KalouKalulini Boys School, KibweziKakamwe Secondary-school, BungomaKamagambo Senior School, RongoKambaa Girls Senior High School, Central ProvinceKamahuha Girls Senior High School, Central ProvinceKambe Secondary-school, KaloleniKanga Senior School, RongoNyanzaKangema Boys Senior School, MurangaKangaru High SchoolKanguburi Girls Senior School, NyeriKanjuri Secondary SchoolKanunga High SchoolKanyamfwa Mixed Secondary School, Got Oyaro, RachuonyoA.C.K Kapkolei Girls Senior School, KobujoiKapsabet Boys Senior School, Nandi NorthKapsabet Girls Senior School, Nandi NorthMeteitei Exotic Colleges, Nandi SouthKaptumo BoysHigh SchoolKaimosi Girls High SchoolKakamega Senior School, KakamegaKapsoya Secondary-school, EldoretKatana Ngala Secondary-school, KilifiKariguini Secondary SchoolKarura Church-school, KiambuKawethei Secondary-school, Kangundo DistrictKegonge Boys Senior School, EmbuKathiani Senior School, Machakos DistrictKenton College Preparatory SchoolKenya Senior School,NairobiKenyatta Senior School, MahigaKenyatta Senior School, Mwatate, Taita districtKeng’uso Salvation Army Secondary-school, Nyamira districtKhasoko Boys Senior School, BungomaKiaguthu Boys Senior School, Murang’aKiambu Senior School, KiambuKiambu Township Secondary-school, KiambuKiamutugu Senior School, KirinyagaKianda School,Nairobi est 1977Kianyaga Senior School, KirinyagaKiaoni Senior School, KibweziKibabii Boys Senior School, BungomaKibiko Secondary-school, Kajiado DistrictKiereni Elementary School (Kenya), Meru South District, Tharaka Nithi CountyKigama Secondary-school, MaragoliKihara Secondary-school, Nyahururu,NdaragwaKijabe Boys Senior School, KijabeKijabe Girls Senior School, KijabeKikima Secondary-school, Mbooni EastKilifi Township Secondary-school, Kilifi TownKilimo Senior School, NjoroKilingili Secondary SchoolKimana Secondary-school [Kajiado South]Kimaren Secondary-school, Nandi Hills’Kinyui High SchoolKiongwani Secondary-school [Mukaa District]Kipsigis Girls High-school — KerichoKirangari Senior School, KiambuKirimara Senior School, KaratinaKirwara Boys Senior School, ThikaKisayani Senior School, KibweziKisii SchoolKisumu Boys’ High,KisumuKisumu Day Secondary SchoolKisumu Girls High SchoolKitui School, KituiKit-Mikayi Secondary-school Kombewa,KisumuKitondo Secondary-school, MbumbuniKizurini Secondary-school, Kaloleni TownKoelel Senior School, GilgilKoimbi Secondary-school, Murang’aKolal Mixed Secondary School, Kadibo –KisumuKomothai Girls Senior School, RuiruKomothai High SchoolKyanginywa High SchoolKivaywa Boys Senior High School, (Matete-webuye)Kaaga Girls Senior School, MeruKyeni Girls Senior School, EmbuKagonya Secondary SchoolLaiser Hill Academy, Rongai,NairobiLang’ata High SchoolLema Girls Secondary SchoolMachakosLenana School,NairobiLereshwa Secondary-school,KipipiriLighthouse Girls Academy, LanetLilly Academy Githurai, NairobiLimuru Girls High SchoolLions Secondary, KisumuLoreto Convent Msongari,NairobiLoreto Convent Valley Road,NairobiLoreto Senior School — LimuruLoreto Convent Kiambu — KiambuLoreto Girls Senior School, MatundaMoi’s BridgeLubinu Senior School –ShiandaLugulu Girls High SchoolWebuyeLulu Senior School (Mekaela Academies), UkundaLwak Girls’ Senior High School, BondoMadira Girls Senior School, VihigaMaai Mahiu Secondary schoolMaina Wanjigi Secondary School, Eastleigh, NairobiMiathene Boys Secondary SchoolMachakos Boys Senior School,MachakosMang’u Senior School,Thika, est 19 25 and the Prime school in the CountryMichinda Secondary-school (Elburgon-Molo)Makueni Boys Senior School, Wote MakueniMalindi High SchoolManga Girls Senior School,NyamiraMaraba Secondary-school, Nandi Rift valleyMaranda Senior School,BondoMarindi Secondary-school, NyamiraMarsabit Boys Secondary SchoolMarsabitMary Leakey Senior School, KiambuMary Mother of Grace Boys Secondary School, RumurutiMaryhill Girls High SchoolMasana Secondary SchoolMaseno School,Masenoest 1906 and the best academic high school in theKenyaMasogo Mixed Secondary School, a Hero, NyandoMatiliku Boys High schoolMau-Narok Secondary SchoolMbale High SchoolMbita High SchoolMbooni Boys, Kikima, Mbooni WestMbooni Girls, Kikima, Mbooni WestMenengai Senior School, NakuruMenyenya Senior School, NyamiraMeridian Girls Secondary School, LangataNairobiMeru School; Best school in eastern provinceMatende Girls Secondary School, KakamegaMetkei Girls SchoolMigingo Girls Secondary School, KisumuMkumulima Girls Secondary School (Bukura)Moi Equator Girls’ SchoolMoi Forces Academy — LanetMoi Forces Academy — NairobiMoi Girls’ Senior School — EldoretMoi Girls School, KamusingaMoi Girls School, NairobiMoi Girls Schoo,l IsinyaMoi Senior School, KabarakMoi Sindo Girls, Mbita NyanzaMombasa Light Academy Secondary School, NyaliMua Hills Girls High SchoolMugoiri Boys Secondary SchoolMukurwe-ini Boys Senior School (Formerly Kiangoma Boys)Mumbuni Senior School, MachakosMurang’a Higher SchoolMusingu Senior School, KakamegaMuslim Academy (Nairobi)Muslim Secondary, KisumuMusoli Girls Senior School, KakamegaMwala Girls High SchoolMukaa Boys High SchoolMukaa Girls High SchoolMukumu Girls Senior School, KakamegaMutara Secondary-school, LaikipiaMwer Boys Senior School, SiayaNaitiri Boys Senior School, BungomaNairobi Light Academy Secondary School, KarenNairobi Mixed Secondary SchoolNairobi School,Nairobi, est 1929Naivasha High SchoolNaki Mixed, NyandoNakuru Boys Senior School, NakuruNamachanja Senior School, BungomaNanyuki Boys Senior School, NanyukiNembu Senior School, NairobiNdaragwa Girls Senior School, NdaragwaNdiru Secondary-school, Kombewa, KisumuNdururumo Senior School,NyahururuNdururi Secondary-school,NyahururuNgara Girls’ High SchoolNgecho Secondary-school,GilgilNgere Senior School, Kombewa, KisumuNgiriambu Girls Senior School, KirinyagaNgomo (Muhotetu) Secondary-school, NyahuruuruNgoto Secondary-school [Mukaa District]Nguluni Secondary-school, MakueniNguviu Boys High SchoolNg’iya Girls’ Senior High School,SiayaNjabini High SchoolNjabiniNjiiris High SchoolNjiru-ini Secondary SchoolNjonjo Girls High SchoolNjoro Boys, NakuruNjoro Girls Secondary SchoolNyabondo Boys Secondary School, KisumuNyabururu Girls High SchoolNyamwaga Secondary-school, Rachuonyo,NyanzaNyang’ori High SchoolNyakach Girls Secondary School, NyandoNyambaria Senior School, NyamiraNyandarua High SchoolNyandaruaOl KalouNyansabakwa Senior School,NaymiraNyeri High Nyeri,NyeriNyahururu High SchoolNyaduong Secondary-school,MigoriNyakach Girls Secondary SchoolNdagoni Secondary-school, Magumoni, Chuka, MeruObambo Secondary-school, KisumuOfafa Jericho High, Jericho Estate,NairobiOgada Seconday School, KisumuOgande Girls Senior School, HomabayOgona Sun Rise Secondary-school, Kombewa, KisumuOloo laiser High School-NgongOngalo Secondary, KisumuOnjiko Boys Secondary School, NyandoOrando Mixed Secondary School, KisumuOrero Boys Secondary School, HomaBayOshwal Academy, MombasaOshwal Senior School, 1 St Park Lands Avenue,Nairobi,KenyaOthaya Boys Secondary School,NyeriOtieno Oyoo Secondary-school, Rabuor,NyandoOlembo Boys Senior School,NyandoOthoro Mixed Secondary School, Rachuonyo, NyanzaPangani Girls Senior School,NairobiParklands Senior School,NairobiPan African Girls Senior School, KaratinaPCEA Silanga High SchoolPJ Mwangola Secondary SchoolPrecious Blood Girls Senior School — Riruta,NairobiPumwani Secondary schoolRamba Senior School,RariedaRata Secondary-school, Maseno,KisumuRiokindo Senior School,KisiiRiondong’a Secondary-school,KisiiRuiru High SchoolRibe Boys Senior School, KaloleniRift Valley AcademyRongai Girls Secondary School, Nakuru.Rosterman Secondary-school, KakamegaSabatia Secondary-school, Koibatek DistrictSabugo Secondary-school, MirangineSacho High SchoolSameta Senior School, KisiiSawagongo Senior School,SiayaSDA School, WatamuSerare School,NairobiSenior Chief Koinange Senior School,KiambaaSerem Secondary SchoolShikunga Secondary-school, [Kakamega-Bukura]Shimo-la-Tewa Secondary-school, MombasaShiners Girls Senior School,NakuruShiners Boys Senior School,NakuruSidindi Secondary SchoolSimotwo Boys High SchoolSingore Girls SchoolSouth Tetu Girls Senior School (Mukurweini Nyeri)Sironga Girls Senior School, NyamiraStar of the Ocean Secondary Schoo,lMombasaSt. Anthonys Boys Senior School, Trans Nzoia DistrictSt. Cecilia Girls AluorSt.Christophers Secondary-school,MagumuSt. Georges’s Senior High School,” Kaloleni-GiriamaSt. Georges Secondary-school,NairobiSt. Ignatius Mukumu Boys’ Senior High School,KhayegaSt. Joseph The Worker Secondary-school, Mang’uSt. Mary’s School,NairobiSt. Mary’s Boys’ Secondary School,NyeriSt. Mary’s Girls’ Senior High School, MumiasSt. Marys Girls School, ThangeSt. Matthews A.C.K Webuye,WebuyeSt. Monicah, LubaoSt. Mukasa Secondary SchoolChimoiSt. Pauls Amukura High SchoolSt. Pauls Boys MarsabitEasternSt. Pauls Miluki Secondary-school, BungomaSt. Pauls Shikunga Secondary-school [Butere]St. Paul Seminary,NyeriSt. Patrick High SchoolItenSt. Peter Claver’s — KithukiSt. Peters Mumias Boys High SchoolSt. Pius Uriri High SchoolNyanzaSt. Sinclair Secondary School,NairobiSt. Teresa Girls Secondary,KisumuSt. Theresa’s Nyangusu Girls’ High SchoolStarehe Boys’ Centre and School,NairobiStrathmore School,Lavington,NairobiState House Girls Senior High School,NairobiSunshine Secondary-school,NairobiTabagon Girls,NandiTemple Road Senior High School,NairobiTerige Senior School,[Lesos]Thika High School,ThikaThomeandu Boys Secondary SchoolNunguniThurdibuoro Secondary-school,NyakachTitsu Secondary-school,NairobiTiengre Secondary-school,KisumuTigoi GirlsTimbila High SchoolTavetaTom Mboya High-school Rusinga,MbitaTumutumu Girls Senior School,NyeriUkwala Boys SiayaNyanzaUpper Hill SchoolNairobiUruku Exotic SchoolNdaragwaUsenge Boys High,BondoVihiga Senior School,VihigaVyulya Senior School, VyulyaWamutitu Secondary SchoolWang’apala Celebrities Senior School, KadongoWarazo Jet Secondary-school [Kiganjo- Nyeri]Webzz Educational Centre [Bungoma-Kanduyi]Withur Exotic School,KisumuYaang’a Secondary-school,Njabini

Worldwide Educational Institutions in Kenya

Brookhouse School,NairobiBraeburn School,NairobiFrench School of Nairobi (Lyce Denis Diderot)German School,NairobiGreensteds School,NakuruHillcrest School,NairobiInternational School of Kenya,NairobiKenton College,NairobiNairobi AcademyNairobi Japanese SchoolNederlandse School,NairobiPembroke House School,GilgilPeponi SchoolCollege RuiruPotterhouse SchoolCollege NairobiRift Valley Academy,KijabeRosslyn Academy,NairobiRusinga School,NairobiSt. Andrews School, Turi, nearNakuruSwedish School,NairobiWest Nairobi School Schools at Rachuonyo KenyaAgoro Sare Primary SchoolAramo Primary SchoolApondo Primary SchoolDudi Primary SchoolGangre Primary SchoolHighlands Academy, OyugisSaye Primary SchoolKakiri AcademyKakelo Mixed Primary SchoolKachieng’ Primary SchoolNyatindo Primary SchoolOber Mixed Primary SchoolOber Boys Boarding SchoolOgera Primary SchoolObisa Primary SchoolMithui Primary SchoolOjwando Primary SchoolNyatindo Primary SchoolBwoye Primary SchoolOndiwa Gamba Primary SchoolOrinde Primary SchoolOyugis Primary, OyugisRagama Academy, OyugisRanena Primary SchoolRawinji Primary-school, OyugisRinga Primary SchoolSt. Joseph’s Combined Academy, OyugisWire Primary SchoolKosele Primary SchoolKaditonge Primary SchoolKassimba Primary SchoolMawira Primary SchoolKamuga Primary SchoolKotienoPrimary SchoolKwoyo Primary SchoolMiyuga Primary SchoolMawego Girls Primary SchoolMawego Mixed Primary SchoolYath Welo Primary SchoolManganga Primary SchoolYala Primary SchoolKhohot High SchoolSchools at Nairobi KenyaSt.Michael’s Primary School,MakadaraRosslyn Academy,NairobiSwedish School,NairobiNorwegian Community School,NairobiNairobi West SchoolBanda School,NairobiAga Khan Junior Academy,NairobiAga Khan Nursery SchoolAga khan Tewie Community SchoolAyany Primary-school,NairobiBabadogo Primary SchoolBelle Vue Primary SchoolBuru Buru Primary-school,NairobiBangani Secondary SchoolCanon Apollo Primary-school,NairobiConsolata Primary School,Westlands,NairobiCity Primary-school,NgaraDayspring Junior SchoolDiwopa Catholic Primary School,Kayole,NairobiDoonholm Primary SchoolDr. Livingston Primary SchoolFlora Primary SchoolGoldenlight Educational CentreHarambee Primary SchoolHighridge Primary-school,Park Lands, NairobiHope MissionHospital Hill Primary SchoolJamhuri Primary-school (Government School)Jogoo Road Primary SchoolKangemi Primary SchoolKawangware Primary-school,Ungaro(from Feli)Kariobangi South Primary SchoolKibera Primary-school,KiberaKihumbuini Primary-school,KangemiKilimani Primary SchoolKileleshwa Primary SchoolKimathi Primary SchoolKomarock Primary-school,Komarock EstateKongoni Primary School,South CLakewood Schools, KomarockLangata Road Primary School,LangataLangata West Primary School,LangataLe Pic Primary SchoolLogos Christian SchoolLoresho Primary SchoolLoreto Convent MsongariLoreto Convent Valley RoadLililumbada Catholic SchoolMathare North Primary SchoolMilimani Primary SchoolMM Chandaria Primary SchoolMartin Luther Primary School,MakadaraMakongeni West Primary School,MakongeniMacWilliams Academy, Githurai 4 5,GithuraiMuslim Girls Nursery, (Primary & Secondary School)Park RoadMuguga Green Primary School,WestlandsNairobi Light Academy Primary SchoolNairobi Light Academy Secondary BoysNairobi Light Academy Secondary GirlsNairobi Primary-school (Mamlaka Road)Nairobi River Primary SchoolNairobi Starlet AcademyNairobi South Primary School,South BNew Kihumbuini Primary-school,KangemiNgong Forest Primary SchoolNile Road Special School,NairobiOlympic Primary-school,KiberaOshwal Jain Primary School,ParklandsOur woman of Fatima secondary Faculty (OLOFOSA)Our Lady of Mercy Primary School,South-b (from Feli)Our Lady Of Nazareth Primary School,Mukuru Kwa NjengaOfafa Jericho SchoolsPark Road Primary SchoolParklands Primary-school,ParklandsPlainsview Primary SchoolPumwani Primary SchoolRiruta Satellite Academy,Riruta Satellite and Kabiria.Roysambu Primary-school,ZimmermanSatellite Primary-school (Kawa from Feli)Serare SchoolShepherds Junior School,BuruburuStrathmore School,LavingtonStarehe Boys Primary School, NairobiSt. Bridget’s Primary School, (Starehe), (Nairobi)St. Joseph Feinademetz Primary-school,Ruai,NairobiSt. Paul’s Primary School,NairobiSt. John’s Primary School,KaloleniSt. George’s Primary School,KilimaniSt. Juliet Educational Centre,KiberaSt. Mary’s School,NairobiSt. Michael Educational Centre,MathareTumaini Primary SchoolToi Primary SchoolUhuru Primary SchoolUtawala Primary SchoolValley Bridge Primary SchoolVet-Labs Primary SchoolVisa Oshwal Primary-school,ParklandsWestlands Primary SchoolKaloleni Primary-school, Kaloleni Schools at Kitui KenyaNgiini Primary SchoolCentral Primary SchoolMuslim Primary SchoolKatyethoka Primary SchoolKilevi Primary SchoolKiatine Primary SchoolMuthale Primary SchoolNguuni Primary SchoolMuseng Primary SchoolKauma Primary SchoolKauwi Primary SchoolKiamani Primary SchoolKangondi Primary SchoolMutanda Primary SchoolTulia Primary SchoolMutonguni Primary SchoolKitamwiki Primary SchoolUtoo Primary SchoolKasue Primary SchoolNzinia Primary SchoolKangungi Primary SchoolKyondoni Primary SchoolNdiuni Primary SchoolMwangya Primary SchoolKangii Primary SchoolKakeani Primary SchoolKithumula Primary SchoolKyathani Primary SchoolMutulu Primary SchoolNgaaka Yakwa Primary SchoolYalatani Primary SchoolKasyala Primary SchoolKitui Primary SchoolMatinyani Primary SchoolMatinyani DEB Primary SchoolKyaani Primary SchoolLight & Salt AcademyMikuyuni Primary SchoolMusukini Primary SchoolUwu Primary SchoolItiko Primary schoolSyombandu Primary SchoolKanzau Primary SchoolMwanyani main SchoolMukuku Primary SchoolKwa Mutei Primary SchoolInyuu Primary SchoolKiongwe Primary School Schools at Kakamega KenyaBukhulunya Primary schoolEkambwonje Primary SchoolEshiamboko Primary SchoolEbuchinga Primary SchoolEregi Primary SchoolEshisango Primary SchoolIkhulili Primary SchoolIkonyero Primary SchoolImalaba Primary SchoolIremele Primary SchoolIsanjiro Primary SchoolKakamega Hill Junior SchoolKakamega Muslim Primary SchoolKakamega Primary SchoolKakoi Primary SchoolKaluni Primary SchoolKhwisero Primary (Sammy)Kilimo Primary-school, BukuraLusiola Primary SchoolLwanaswa Primary SchoolMadivini Primary SchoolMatioli Primary SchoolMukavakava Primary SchoolMukulusu Primary SchoolMukumu Mixed Boarding Primary School, IlalaMusaa Primary SchoolMwiyenga Primary SchoolNabongo Primary SchoolShichiko Primary SchoolShieywe Primary SchoolShikomari Primary SchoolShirali Primary-school (Sammy)Shiswa Primary SchoolShitirira Boarding Primary SchoolShivikhwa Primary SchoolTumbeni Primary SchoolSchools at Kericho KenyaACK Holy trinityChepkolon Green-highlands AcademyChepkurbet Primary SchoolCheptabes Primary SchoolEland AcademyFountain SchoolSGrassland Tabon AcademyHighlands Primary SchoolKabianga Primary-school, KerichoKapcheluch Primary SchoolKaptebeswet Primary SchoolKericho Boys Boarding Primary SchoolKericho Primary SchoolKibingei Primary SchoolMasarian Primary SchoolMilimani Grammar schoolSiongok AcademyTelanet Primary SchoolThe Eagle SchoolTorsogek Primary schoolKipchebor Primary SchoolChepkolon Primary SchoolMotobo Primary SchoolSt. Patrick Primary-school Reference the web link for part two of the Extensive list

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