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Previous Ghana President Mahama Along With 20-16 Visa On Arrival Coverage

Former President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana at 20-16, welcomed Africans with open arms to the country by way of a Visa-free entrance policy.During Ghana’s 59th independence anniversary; stressing African American unity, President Mahama announced that taxpayers out of African Union member countries will likely probably undoubtedly soon be offered Visa on birth after seeing the nation. Throughout his speech, the president said that by July 20-16, taxpayers of AU member nations will probably likely soon probably likely be allowed to join the land and acquire visas on coming with the choice. The policy was to the point of opening Ghana into the world by stimulating travel, tourism, commerce, and investment. The Statement of mahama was mis-interpreted The announcement by the president of Ghana had ignited controversy since a number taxpayers of this place. Leading the negative were citizens that moved . A clear prove of events we all ‘ll state, allowing for that the bad blood that existed between the 2 states from days gone by (Ghana must Move / Nigeria must Move age ). However, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hannah Tetteh, at the time of the nation came outside to put emphasis on the announcement of Mahama . In her announcement, Hannah Tetteh explained that the visa policy didn’t apply. This was per the ECOWAS protocol that ensures free movement. Later it had been approved by the heads of the government and state of your human anatomy the ECOWAS protocol was created in May 1979. The policy had been approved with all the purpose of integration from the region. Regional integration in this sense will have the gain of effecting the evolution of economic societal and cultural tasks.
Visa on Arrival Visa on birth is infrequent among nations. Reports also have revealed it is more easy to get a wielder of an American passport to travel to nations compared to Africans. This introduces a limitation to connections and commerce among country members. Seychelles will be the country using Visa access that is open to member countries of the African Union. Means of an agreement embraced at Executive Council meeting determined the visa on arrival policy.

Visa on Arrival Implementation

The press have not supported the execution of this entrance policy guaranteed by Ghana’s president at 20-16. Effecting this policy will signify a step towards joining the continent from solidarity taken. We expect that Ghana’s decision, once employed, is going to soon be the start of PanAfricanism, along with African American nations are anticipated to follow suit to reach One Africa. Visas on birth may mean partnership and confidence, in addition to allies between nations. Visa Free Countries For Ghanaians as Ghana is hoping to adapt African nations, many countries in Africa are currently doing the very same. The Ghanaian passport has been accepted in more than 40 states in the continent. Reports have it Ghana passport is just one of the Africa, standing 7 3. Several of those states include Bangladesh. There is Barbados a state in United States. This couple of can stay with no visa for approximately 6 weeks. Of course a few states include; Cape Verde — 180 days Benin — 3 months Burkina Faso a valid passport is necessary within this country out of a Ghanaian. Dominica This island republic in united states allows to remain with no visa in the nation for a few weeks. The Ghanaian taxpayer has to present a passport that is valid .

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