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Listing of Embassies And Diplomatic Missions In Kenya

Embassies and Diplomatic assignments are regulators which reflect the government of a certain country in yet another country called a sponsor country. They truly have been the very primary point of call for every foreigner internationally who wants to get in touch with his home country for just about almost any reason. Embassies and diplomatic assignments have a important part to play in keeping up the association between their country and the host country in addition to protecting the attention of their taxpayers living in those nations. If you’re out within Kenya and also have already now been hunt for a set of most of the Kenyan embassies, here’s just a set of Embassies and Diplomatic missions in Kenya. Now you can make your solution into you personally, in the event that you attempt to explore different nations.

Watch the Way to See when Visiting a Nation that is Specific

Total Listing of Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in Kenya, Together with Their Areas Australian Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates within Kenya. Italian EmbassyInternational Life House, Mama Ngina St, Nairobi; tel: 020 3373560 / / 337777; facsimile: 020 337056; telex: 0022251 ITALDIPL; email: [email protected] Mexican EmbassyKibagare Way, Loresho, Nairobi; tel: 020 583009; facsimile; 020 581500; email: [email protected] newzealand ConsulateMinet ICDC Insurance, 3rd Floors, Minet House. Nyerere Rd, PO Box 47383, Nairobi; Tel: 020 722467; facsimile: 020 722556Portuguese EmbassyTaifa Rd.. PO Box 34020, Nairobi; tel: 020 338990; facsimile: 020 214711; telex: 0987 22634American EmbassyGigiri Avenue PO Box 30143, Nairobi; tel: 020 537800; facsimile: 020 537810; email: [email protected]; web: High CommissionRiverside doctor (400 m away Chiromo Rd), PO Box 39341, Nairobi; tel: 020 445034 / 445039; facsimile: 020 444617High Commission of BangladeshOle Odume Rd, PO Box 41645, Nairobi; tel: 020 562815/6; facsimile: 020 562 817Belgian ConsulateCMB, c/o Cotts House, Moi Av, Mombasa; tel: 041 314531; facsimile: 041 312617 Russian Federation EmbassyPO Box 30049, Lenana Rd, Nairobi; tel: 020 722462; Tel:25261 southafrican High Commission17/18th Floor, Lonrho House, Standard St, PO Box 42441, Nairobi; Tel: 020 215616/7; facsimile: 020 223687; email: [email protected] Spanish EmbassyBruce House, Standard St, 5th Floor, PO Box 45503, Nairobi; tel: 020 226568; Fax: 020 332858Swedish EmbassyInternational House, Mama Ngina St, PO Box 30600, Nairobi; tel: 020 229042; Fax: 020 218908; email: [email protected] Switzerland EmbassyMama Ngina Street, P.O.Box 30752 00100 Nairobi (GPO) Phone: 254 -LRB-20-RRB- 228 735 Fax: 254 -LRB-20-RRB- 217 388Brazilian EmbassyEagle Court, 2 nd Floor, Vuli Lane (Away Muranga Rd), PO Box 30754, Nairobi; Tel: 020 337722; facsimile 020 766442; email: [email protected] British High CommissionUpper Hill Rd, PO Box 30465, 00100 Nairobi; tel: 020 714699; facsimile 020 719082; email: [email protected] web: Indian EmbassyJeevan Bharati Bldg.. Upper Hill, P0 Box 48868, Nairobi; tel: 020 714196; facsimile: 020 713475Irish ConsulateMasai Rdoff Mombasa Rd.. Dante Burba Diesel,” Workshop Bldg.. P0 Box 30659, Nairobi; Tel: 020 56647; involve: [email protected] Israeli EmbassyBishop Rd.. P0 Box 30354, Nairobi; Tel: 020 722182; facsimile: 020 715966High Commission of the Republic of CyprusEagle House, 5th Floor, Kimathi St, PO Box 30739, Nairobi; Tel: 020 220881; facsimile: 020 331232Eritrean EmbassyPO Box 38651, New Waumuni House, Second Floor, Westlands, Nairobi; Tel: 020 443164; Fax: 020 443165Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaState House Av, 45198 Nairobi; tel: 020 723035; facsimile: 020 723402Finnish EmbassyInternational House, Second Floor, Mama Ngina St, PO Box 30379, Nairobi; Tel: 020 334777; Fax: 020 33598; email: [email protected] French EmbassyBarclays Plaza. 9th Floor, PO Box 41784, Loita s t, Nairobi; Tel: 020 339783Romanian EmbassyNyari Estate, Red Hill Doctor, PO Box 48412, Nairobi; tel: 020 743766; facsimile: 020 741696; email: [email protected] Royal Netherlands EmbassyRiverside Laneoff Riverside Dr, PO Box 41537, Nairobi; tel: 020 447412; facsimile 020 447416; email: [email protected] Royal Thai EmbassyRose Avoff Denis Pritt Rd, PO Box 58349, Nairobi; tel: 020 715800; facsimile: 020 715801Tanzania Diplomatic MissionContinental House, Harambee Av, PO Box 47790, Nairobi; tel: 020 331056; facsimile: 020 721874; telex: 25351; email: [email protected] Turkish EmbassyGigiri Rd (away Limuru Rd).

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