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Leading Colleges In Kenya – Personal, Worldwide And Nationwide Colleges [Part III]

Historical records reveal that Kenyans had use of instruction in the period dating as far back as 1728 as noticed onSwahilimanuscript Utendi wa Tambuka(Novel of Heraclius). As during that time of independencein 1963,” 840,000 African kids were attending elementary school, several of those schools comprises: School atRabainear Mombasa — based 1846,Nairobi Schoolestablished 1902,” Friends School Kaimosi, nowKaimosi Friends Main College, based 1903,Maseno School, based 1906,Government Indian School and also The Duke of Gloucester School, nowJamhuri senior high school, based 1906,” Tumutumu Mission School, today Tumutumu Girls’ senior school situated in 1908. The others includeEuropean Women’ School, today Kenya senior high school based 1908,Thogoto School, today Thogoto Teachers’ Training College based 1910,Kaimosi Girls High School, based 19 20 Allidina Visram High School, Mombasa based 1921 We have earlier in the day looked over Top500 Colleges in Kenya — Part I & II, we’re finishing the show by bringing one of the last collection of 500 Best Main Schools in Kenya.

Set of Faculties in Kenya

Webuye Main Colleges in KenyaWebuye KindergartenWebuye Junior AcademyMiendo Friends High School.Namawanga Primary SchoolMiendo Primary SchoolChebosi Primary SchoolKituni Primary SchoolBokoli primary SchoolEldoret Main Colleges in KenyaAturei Primary SchoolChebarus Primary SchoolChebaun Primary SchoolChepkatet Total Main SchoolChepkoilel Primary SchoolEldoret Preparatory SchoolG.K Prisons Primary SchoolGulab Pochab AcademyHill School PrimaryHoly TrinityPrimary SchoolHuruma Primary SchoolInder Primary SchoolKapseret Forest Full Main schoolKapsoya Primary SchoolKaptagat PreparatoryLemook Primary SchoolMunyaka Primary SchoolNgeria Primary SchoolQueen of Angels AcademySaramek primary schoolSt George Primary-school — KapseretSt. Joseph’s Chief — KapseretSt. Patrick’s Primary School — EldoretTuiyo Primary SchoolUasin Gishu Primary-school Butere Main Colleges in KenyaShirotsa Primary SchoolBushibungo Primary SchoolButere Primary SchoolEmasaba Primary SchoolEmauko Primary SchoolEshirakalu Primary SchoolMuriri Primary SchoolShatsala Primary SchoolShibembe Primary SchoolManyulia Primary SchoolMabole Primary schoolShibanga Primary schoolElukokho Primary SchoolMuluwa Primary SchoolLunza Primary SchoolManyika Primary SchoolKabetePrimPrimary Schooln KenyaUthiru Primary SchoolMama Ngina Primary SchoolKinoo Primary SchoolNdurarua Primary SchoolEmbuKimanga Primary SchoolLions Primary SchoolEmbu Urban Primary SchoolSt Michael Primary SchoolKwaleHeshima Primary-school (Mekaela Academies), Diani BeachLikunda Primary and Boarding-school (Mekaela Academies), UkundaManuel Alexander School (Mekaela Academies), Diani BeachSeacrest Preparatory School, Diani Beach, South CoastLimuruEarly Bird Day and Boarding Academy, NgechaFuraha Primary-school, LimuruLimuru Town Primary School, LimuruTigoni Primary-school, TigoniNgarariga Primary-school, BiberioniBiberioni Primary-school, NgararigaKamirithu Primary-school, KwambiraNyatarangi Primary-school, NdeiyaManguo Primary-school, LimuruKinyogori Primary-school, Limuru MalavaIsanjiro Primary SchoolMalava Primary SchoolShamoni Primary SchoolKakoi Primary SchoolTumbeni Primary SchoolShivikhwa Primary SchoolShitirira Boarding Primary SchoolMalekha Primary SchoolNguvuli Primary SchoolMang’uliro Primary SchoolMukhonje Primary SchoolKimang’eti Primary SchoolKandiege Primary-school Pap-Onditi, NyakachinMumiasBooker AcademyKholera Boys SchoolMumias Central Primary SchoolMumias Sugar Sophisticated Main SchoolSt. Anne’s Mumias Girls Boarding Primary SchoolEbwaliro Primary SchoolNyapora Primary SchoolKamashia Primary SchoolEmakhwale Primary SchoolMatawa Primary SchoolMumias Muslim Chief SchoolLureko Primary SchoolIndangalasia Primary SchoolMwitoti Primary SchoolMakueniMumela Primary SchoolYikithuki Primary SchoolKyuasini Primary SchoolKanzokeani Primary SchoolNgalana Primary SchoolSultan Hamud Township Primary SchoolSultan Hamud Primary-school [Sultan Hamud]Lumu Primary-school [Kiou]Christoper Kiamba Memorial Primary School [Sultan Hamud]Malooi Primary-school [Nzaui]A.I.C Kathonzweni Primary SchoolUkia Primary-school [Okia]Mukaa Primary-school [Mukaa]Kiou HGM Primary-school (Top of Kiou mountain at which Ndilinge street endings ) [Sultan Hamud]Nyaani Primary SchoolMusalala Primary SchoolMuluti Primary SchoolKituiuni Primary SchoolMwingiEnziu Primary SchoolKiisu Primary SchoolKyanganga Primary SchoolMasavi Primary SchoolMigwani Primary SchoolMwania Primary SchoolMwasuma Primary SchoolMwingi Primary SchoolNguni Primary SchoolTseikuru Primary SchoolKivou Primary SchoolKasevi Primary SchoolThitha Primary SchoolKanzanzu Primary SchoolKanzui Primary SchoolKasovoni Primary SchoolItaava Primary SchoolMithumoni Primary SchoolNdulu Primary SchoolMasumba Primary SchoolKakili Primary SchoolKalima Primary SchoolSr. Damiana Memorial Primary SchoolKikumini Primary SchoolMwalili Primary SchoolMatiliku Primary SchoolKithumba Primary SchoolMulangoni Primary SchoolENZAI Primary SchoolMUKAA Primary SchoolKWA-MWINGIO Primary SchoolKWA-KAVITA Primary SchoolKWA-KATHENDU Primary SchoolMAIANI Primary-school (Mbooni)Kilenge Primary SchoolUtangwa HGM Primary SchoolKyuu Primary SchoolMutwii Primary SchoolKitundu Primary SchoolWoyani Primary SchoolNgaani Primary SchoolKikumini Sec. School NzauiKyamatheka Primary SchoolNakuruMwalimu Racheal Academy NaivashaAIC Cathedral Primary, GilgilMwalimu Racheal Academy NaivashaExcel AcademyBarut Primary SchoolBondeni Primary SchoolJamhuri Primary SchoolHarambee Khalsa Primary SchoolHeshima Primary SchoolKaptembwa PrimaSy SchoolKariba Road Primary SchoolKelelwet Primary SchoolKenyatta Primary SchoolKimathi Primary SchoolKisulisuli Primary SchoolKoinange Primary SchoolLanet Light House Academy, Lanet, NakuruLions Primary SchoolMama Ngina Primary SchoolMelvin Jones Primary SchoolMenengai Primary SchoolMichinda Boys Boarding Primary SchoolMogoon Primary SchoolMoi Primary SchoolMountain Park AcademyMwalimu Mkuu AcademyRoots APrimary SchoolRacecourse Primary SchoolSt. Joseph SchoolSt. Mary SchoolSt. Xaviers Primary SchoolMuslim main schoolSokoro Primary-school — ElburgonLusiru Primary-school — NdeffoCompit Education CentreBometBomet Primary schoolCheboriot Primary SchoolChelsea AcademyKapkesosio Primary SchoolKimenderit Primary SchoolKiriba Primary SchoolNgwomwet Primary SchoolSt. Boarding Primary and mary’s Mixed Day schoolTenwek Boarding SchoolTebeswet Primary SchoolSt. Mary’s Girls’ Maximum SchoolTenwek High SchoolKugunoi Primary SchoolChesoen Primary SchoolNyeriNdiriti Primary SchoolMukima Primary-school, NanyukiConsolata Primary SchoolGiakanja Primary-school, NyeriIhiga-Ini Primary SchoolIthenguri Primary SchoolIchamara Primary SchoolKaiguri Primary SchoolKanjuri Primary SchoolKariguini Primary SchoolKiandu Primary SchoolKigwandi Primary SchoolKihora Primary SchoolKwanderi Primary SchoolMount Kenya Academy Primary SchoolNyamachaki Primary SchoolNyeri Primary SchoolTemple Road Primary SchoolSt. Hellen AcademyKabaru Primary SchoolMbiriri Primary SchoolMapema Primary SchoolMere Primary SchoolMiagayu-ini Primary SchoolNjogu-ini Primary SchoolKiawamururu Primary SchoolTambaya Primary SchoolNinga-ini Primary SchoolKaheti Primary SchoolGatura Primary SchoolKanunga Primary SchoolKagarii Primary SchoolGathuki-mundu Primary SchoolMaganjo Primary SchoolKihate Primary SchoolSaf help base schoolIhwagi Primary SchoolGathehu Primary-school ChweleBarbra Junior Academy, ChweleWabukhonyi Primary SchoolSikusi Primary SchoolBusakala Primary SchoolNamaondo Primary SchoolToloso Primary SchoolSibumba Primary SchoolNalondo Primary SchoolMakhonge Primary SchoolNakitumba Primary SchoolChwele Boys Primary SchoolSanandiki Primary SchoolMana AcademyKings Junior AcademyChwele AcademyTeremi ersf Primary SchoolKimalewaPrimary SchoolChebukaka Boys Primary SchoolChebukaka Ladies Main SchoolLukhome Primary SchoolChepsitati Primary SchoolKibichori Primary SchoolMakhonge Primary SchoolSichei Primary SchoolMadisi Primary SchoolChenjeniPrimary SchoolSikulu Primary SchoolBaraki Primary SchoolTesoIsegeretoto SchoolAsige Primary SchoolAtaba Ebur Primary SchoolAkites Primary SchoolAmase Primary SchoolAmagoro ACK Primary SchoolAmoni Primary SchoolMachakusi ACK Primary SchoolMalaba RC Township Primary SchoolToto K-A Kile ACK Primary SchoolKamolo Primary SchoolKawalun Primary SchoolKocholia RC Primary SchoolOjamoong Primari SchoolOjamii Primary SchoolObekai Primary SchoolTamlega Primary SchoolST.Teressa RC Chakol Girls Primary SchoolKotur Primary SchoolKajei Primary SchoolKatelenyang Primary SchoolKaedomoru Primary SchoolKamuriai Primary SchoolKoruruma Primary SchoolKaukotoit Primary SchoolKatimong Primary SchoolKatelenyang Primary SchoolKoteko Primary-school

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