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Leading 3 Celebrities CNN Information Anchors You Did Not Know Were Africans

CNN is among the top news bureaus on earth. The satellite and it has been among the greatest resources of news for any range of years and cable news network has been set in 1980 by Ted Turner. Additionally, it boasts presenters and journalists all around. The business is really actually just a company and features a lot of race and stafffrom cultural backgrounds in their citizenship. Many of the staff are shameful also or of African American descent. It’s time to good look at the 3 African American CNN anchors that you didn’t know were of African American origin.

African CNN Anchors

Inch. Zain Ejiofor Asher

Nigeria Zain Asher is Currently a CNN Presenter. She’s a sister to celebrity, Chiwetel Ejiofor, who starred in the blockbuster. Your household is a country from Nigeria’s region, out of Enugu. CNN Newsroomon is anchored by ms Asher Saturdays and Fridays. She features together with Maggie Lake in several industry segments of the station such as CNNMoney along with Quest Means Business. She hosts market-place Africa. On certain occasions she’s seen Nigeria, her home country, imagining the company generally from the country’s trajectory in addition to to run interviews of match players. Zain has sponsored panel discussions at the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations and also a TED speak. As a company correspondent, she joined CNN in 2013. Until then, Zainworked like being a writer for Cash financearticle. She’s also worked as a television reporter atNews 1 2 Brooklyn, the BronxandConnecticut, reporting fromBrooklyn. This season she was nominated by The Brand New African Magazine to get the-new African Woman in Media award along side celebrated Nigerian women. Zain Ejiofor Asher is fluent in English Igbo, along with vocabulary.

2.  Isha Isatu Sesay

Sierra Leone Isha Isatu Sesay is. The most effective rated writer is about Sierra Leonean descent. At which she dwelt for the majority of her youth Her family came back to her home country at age seven. Her mum is minister and lecturer, a Sierra Leonean politician, and also doctor Kadi Sesay in Fourah Bay College. Isha retains a BA honours diploma in English-language in Trinity College. Starting her career in fiction, Isha was employed as a researcher to the BBC discussion show. She anchored the ‘Hello Sports Fans’ series. She also presented a range of programs. She worked for UK broadcaster ITN, ITV Morning News app where she offered. Isha had always desired to be a celebrity but found intention and peace together using journalism in her adolescents. She broadcasts the headlines headlines programsCNN Newsroom Live. Isha Sesay has covered breaking news stories and incidents of interest.

3. Robyn Curnow

She had been born in Australia but increased in South Africa where she acquired hermaster ‘s diploma and also attended the University of Natal, University of the Witwatersrand and Cambridge University. Before she began working for CNN,Robyn functioned as areporter for the BBC and also for its South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). She anchorsCNNthe International Desk of . She had been a correspondent for its station. Given her origins, news has been covered by Robyn in South Africa including asNelson Mandela ‘s passing for CNN since well the Oscar Pistorius court instance. And from all round the continent, she’s covered news just like every African CNN anchor. Robyn a mommy of two, now living in Atlanta, Georgia, started reporting at London for CNN at 2002, becoming London and theirJohannesburg correspondent.

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