Leading 20 Best Subscribed YouTube Stations In Kenya

There are an infinite number of channels operating purposes that are different . Irrespective of what it is you’re searching for; a music stage, beauty hints, and on occasion even life-hacks, there’s obviously something for all of us. But, we’re emphasizing Youtube stations in Kenya, specially the many ordered ones. Yesit’s ‘s what it sounds likea standing of stations in Kenya based on data gathered in just a timeframe that is particular. Even though the list isn’t published from the sequence of their ranks concerning people with the maximum quantity of readers, the purpose is to simply assist you browse through Youtube according to what you’re searching for. Watch the Stations below.


DuchessGabrielle is an all pure baldness expert who shares what she is aware of natural hair maintenance. Her Youtube station is just one of the most-subscribed YouTube Stations in Kenya with over 150 videos and 37,000 subscribers.

Funds FM Kenya

With over 21.84 million viewpoints and over 48,234 readers, Capital FM Kenyahas acquired a spot on the list as just one ofmost subscribed Youtube Stations in Kenya. Even the channelshares diverse videos touching on various elements of entertainment which have many more Kenyans subscribing into it.


Salafmedia is among those winner Islam stations researching Muslim teachings. It’s over 15.32 million viewpoints together with over 63,000 subscribers rendering it among those topYoutube stations in its own category.

Research Oceans

Average of its identify, ExploreOceans is really just a Youtube station that’s specialized in exploring aquatic magnificence. The station stocks the stunningwater nature and its own particular habitat. It’s 15.7 million viewpoints as a result of its own 38.72 million subscribers.

Aflaanta Studio

Aflaanta Studio can be really just actually a soothing music station which has a tendency to attract Somalis together via beautiful clips and videos. It’s 100 million subscribers with 66.57 million viewpoints.

Ghafla Kenya

Ghafla Kenya has you covered on clips and entertainment news. The station has increased its popularity on Youtube having its over 70,000 readers and 38.04 million viewpoints.


SKadoodles8321is a different well dispersed YouTube station in Kenya with over 8,302 readers and only 1 2 videos. Besides sharing interesting videos, the gambling station at-times stocks unexpected humorous videos.


Sometimes all we want is only a fantastic laugh which is whatKula Happyoffers. The station is full of excellent animated Kenyan videos created specifically to amuse all sorts of audience. The videos including three to eight minutes possess about 19,048 people subscribing to the station.

The X Y Z Show

One other fantastic station for both Kenyans and Africans in large.The X Y Z Showhas over 200 videos and over 17,000 subscribers. The station shows contentious and funny satire that is political plus Buni creates them at Nairobi.


Hackersploit is. It’s 1.68 million videos and also 33,000 subscribers.


JakesGotHerpes doesn’t only demonstrate videos of creatures such as reptiles, amphibians and inverts, the station also welcomes you. It willgive you some suggestions about the best way best to care and nourish the distinctive animals. The station has gained over 4.32 million viewpoints, also because of its consistent upgrade of this station ‘s contents, and it’s over 31,000 followers.

H-D Mwas

You’ll discover lots of stations which let you know about the most current music of unique interests. But that’s perhaps maybe not exactly that which HD Mwas really does. Dance hall and reggae music is alternatively focused on by the station. Because of the exclusivity, the station has gained over 44,000 readers along with over 38.03 million viewpoints.


Dswtkenya attracts a reverse to the script that provides you clips on wild life and its habitats. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust can be actually really just a nonprofit organisation which works to store and protect creatures and their homes.The Youtube station is a huge platform boasting of 41.20 million viewpoints along with 63,000 subscribers.

E-news Kenya

E-news Kenya delivers exceptional twists in regards to delivering entertainment and viral videos that are viral. The station has31.57 million viewpoints also over 72,000 subscribers.

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol can be a Afro ring plus it features Polycarp (guitar), Mudigi (vocals, percussion and drums), bien-aime (vocals and guitar) along with Chimano (vocals and saxophone). The station has over 142,120 readers along with over 41.5 million viewpoints.

Churchill Present

In case you love humor, Churchill reveal channel is your station to register to YouTube. Churchill series airs on n tv Kenya. It’s over 101.77 million viewpoints along with 300,000 subscribers.


With over 160.00 million viewpoints and over 309,000 readers, K24TVis referred to among the fastest climbing YouTube stations in Kenya. The channelbrings your home is upgrades on news, entertainment, sports and much more.

KTN Kenya

With over 278.75 million viewpoints and over 479,000 readers, KTN Kenyais filled up with a great deal of entertaining contents. It’s a station to adhere to if you like to acquire firsthand details on many matters happening in Kenya.

Kenya Citizen Television

Kenya CitizenTVis still yet another Kenyan news Youtuber that’s gained a growing number of grip. It’s over 479,000 people subscribed for it in addition to approximately 227.89 million viewpoints.

N Tv Kenya

Together with 108.25 million viewpoints and over 198,000 readers, n-tv Kenyais on the list of very subscribed YouTube Stations in Kenya.

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