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YouTube has given us artists and a few musicians and Kina Grannis was some of people who shot the chance given to assemble a bunch of listeners and fans. She’s an American singer songwriter who uses YouTube also plays the guitar. Her narrative is a fantastic person who would inspire one to actually really be the most effective that you could inspite of the limits. Continue reading to find a deal on a detail of the life of Kina span.

Kina Grannis Bio (Age, Ethnicity)

Kina Grannis came to be to the 4th of August 1985 with all the name Kina Kasuya Grannis. Throughout her mum, she has ancestry. She had been increased at Mission Viejo, California where she attended to the Viejo Elementary School registered for school at the Capistrano Valley Senior High School and Accompanied with the Newhart Middle School. While she was at USC, the University ‘s Thorton School of Music encouraged her to build an album. The record called Sincerely Me has been released in 2005. She got inducted still. She had been schooling in 2006 if she released two records on her and recorded. Their names were In-Memory of the Bridge and More at the Attic.


A song she listed To Maintain has been featured a range of times episodes of General Hospital and yet another incident of ABC Family’s mini series Samurai Girl. It had been she finally generated a account that saw her uploading videos on line. Her video on the stage got entered in the Doritos Crash that the superbowl competition. Kina Grannis won this contest and as an element of her winnings, she’s a contract. Over 99 million viewpoints, her videos are becoming Up to now also she’s definitely among the characters on YouTube. She announced she render Interscope Records and would tow separate artists’ component. She’s tried to be string productions including Funemployed The Last Day and unmarried by 30 and part of a picture. She features such as Boyce Avenue in videos along with YouTube celebrities. She published an album titled Stairwells at 2010, that had a whole lot of those songs she had put up and others who hadn’t been discovered previously on YouTube. She started a Stairwells Spring-time then has been reasoned Around the 24th of May 2010 and Tour started around the 17th of November 2010. A discussion was given by kina Grannis in Ted X Hollywood where she spoke about ‘ Finding Community Throughout the online ‘ in March 2013. While her record Components was published on the 6th of May 2014 her world tour happened in April 2011. Back in April 2014, Patreon was united by Kina Grannis and created a tag for himself that had made up. The tag KGRecords was called by her and began releasing and recording songs.

Loved Ones — Siblings, Parents

Kina Grannis was Created to Gordon and Also Trish Grannis. Her mum, trish Grannis, was a graphic designer along with Gordon Grannis, also her daddy, was a nurse. She has two sisters called Emi Grannis and also Misa Grannis and accompany her and also the 2 are known to incorporate onto her behalf videos.

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I’m making a music video for my song “All Along” and you can be in it 🙂 . As this is a song about realizing we are already whole as we are, I am looking for some brave souls to find their limiting beliefs and try to rewrite better ones. This video will be in the same vein as my 6 year youtube anniversary video for “Message From Your Heart” if you’d like an example of what I’m looking to create. . The official call for video submissions is going out to members of KG Records. If you’re not a member, feel free to join for the month in order to participate (or stick around longer if you want!). Head to the link in bio to visit my Patreon page where you can join. The most recent post, entitled “Be In My Music Video” has all the instructions you’ll need. . I may not be able to include all the submissions in the music video, but I will be watching and loving every single one. Selfishly, this is really an excuse to get to know you all better. 🙂 . Sending lots of love you you all ❤️

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Can Be Kina Grannis Married? Husband

Kina Grannis is wed to some other singersongwriter named Jesse Epstein. After being the text book definition of senior school sweethearts, the 2 were married in Los Angeles. They met when they attended Capistrano Valley High School, at which Jesse Epstein have been a tier below his wife. Their music is often collaborated in by the 2 along with Kina Grannis used a few of her own wedding pictures todo the music video to the song My Dear.


Kina Grannis stands in 4 inches 16-3 centimeters and a height of 5 feet. She includes activity or also her livelihood for being a singer and her manner of singing music whilst playing with the guitar does not call for getting round along with a slim. Nonetheless, it is a actuality that is tellable that the singersongwriter exercises.

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