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Hospitals In Kenya: an Extensive Listing of Accredited Hospitals

Kenya continues to be a state in lots of respects, for example in regards to healthcare. The united states ‘s life-expectancy still lies in 63 decades, using infant and maternal mortality staying relatively high.It has been reported thatKenya spent just a meagre 5.1percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on healthcare in 2002. It was well under the highincome OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) states ‘ average of 9.8percent to the exact identical period. What’s more, the entire amount used on healthcare stands about US$6.2 per capita, and it is far below the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommended degree of US$3 4 per capita. Despite these, health centers in Kenya have begun experiencing slow rise and development recently; becoming renowned because of up-to-standard healthcare shipping. Within the following piece, we’re going to look at a number of the major physicians in Kenya.

An All-inclusive Set of Best Accredited Hospitals at Kenya

You can find a lot more than 3-5 prominent hospitals in Kenya, found in different cities and states of this united states including Nairobi, theCoastal, Central, Rift Valley and the Nyanza Provinces respectively. Below is the set of Hospitals in Kenya in accordance with their own locations.

Hospitals in Nairobi

Inch. Year of establishment: 1950s a medical facility was originally referred to as “Infectious Diseases Hospital” (IDH) underneath the afterward “King George VI Hospital,” ” now Kenyatta National Hospital. It had been built to offerhealth care solutions, chiefly for infectious diseases which demanded isolation like Tuberculosis, Measles, Meningitis and Leprosy. Currently, the IDH, curved from Kenyatta National Hospital has been the sovereign District Hospital at Nairobi. 2. The Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) Locations: Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa Year of establishment: 1985 AKUH can be an exclusive, non-profit hospital, which offers access to quality healthcare from sub saharan Africa. 3. Avenue Hospital Location: Parklands, Nairobi Year of establishment: 1976 Avenue Hospital Nairobi can be currently a complex 7 Storied 140 mattress personal health facility.The Hospital’s facilities involve A-24 hour out patient Department, General Medical and Surgical wards, Paediatric shield, among some the many others. 5. Guru Nanak Hospital Location: Pangani, Nairobi Year of establishment: Guru Nanak Hospitalis a privatehospital at Nairobi that gives services including injuries and crises, out patient and in patient services, Laboratory services, xray along with ultra-sound services, Mobile x ray unit, Physiotherapy department, Maternity unit for delivery solutions, Maternal child health companies, etc. 6. Gertrudes Garden kiddies ‘s Hospital Location: Muthaiga, Nairobi Year of establishment: 1947 Gertrudes Garden kiddies ‘s Hospital can be currently a non profit company that offers health services in addition to training and research for caregivers. It’s thought of as the biggest kiddies ‘s hospital in Kenya. 7. 9. Mariakani Cottage Hospital Location: South-b Year of establishment: 1984 Mariakani Can Be currently a personal Hospital incorporatedin Kenya. It’s an expansion improvement of Umoja Medical Clinic. 10. Nairobi Hospital Location: Nairobi Year of establishment: 1954 Nairobi Hospital is a private hospital situated on Argwings Kodhek Road, from the area ofUpper Hill. It had been opened with the British colonial masters on 9 April 1954, being a exclusivelyEuropean Hospital. The name has been changed into ‘The Nairobi Hospital’ on19 October 1961 as it began serving non-Europeans. 1 3. Coptic Hospital Location: Nairobi Year of establishment: 1970 s a healthcare facility supplies 24/7 in patient and inpatient services. 4. Nairobi West Hospital Location: Nairobi Year of institution: 1-5. Nairobi Equator Hospital Location: Nairobi Year of institution: 16. St. Mary’s Hospital (Langata) Location: Lang’ata, Nairobi Year of establishment: St.Mary’sHospital can be an Kenyan Christian community clinic which specializes in healthcare ministry and service to non invasive earners. 17. Bristol Park Hospital Location: Nairobi Tassia Year of institution: 2008 a Healthcare Facility ‘s headquarters is located inside Tassia Estate at Southern Eastern Nairobi, supporting Tassia Schoollocated at the intersection of Outering Road, Tassia. 18. Additionally they supply general health and medical services. 1 9. Nazareth Mission Hospital Location: Riara form, Kiambu Year of establishment: 1964 Nazareth is currently amission hospitalrun by the Kenya Episcopal Conference-Catholic Secretariat, situated in Limuru, Kiambu County. 20. MP Shah Hospital Location: Parkalands, Nairobi Year of establishment: M.P. Shah Hospital can be a multi faceted super-specialty, state-of-the art, health care practice with an ongoing capacity of 200 fully operational operational beds, and 30 dedicated critical care beds, and 10 renal dialysis units and 1 2 Chemo Therapy units.It additionally provides all modern out patient and in patient facilities together using dedicated pavilions / wardsand specialty practices, radiology, pathology and cath-lab surgeries. 2-2. Avenue Hospital, Kisumu Location: Parklands, Nairobi Year of establishment: 1976 Apart from providing medical care solutions, the 65-bed hospital provides Ambulance Services, Emergency Medical Technician classes, along with DIT certified medical and Emergency classes.

Coastal Province Hospitals

2 3. Coast Hospice Location: Mombasa Year of establishment: 2001 The Coast Hospice offers palliative care to patients using life-limiting disorders from the Coast region. It’s a registered charity that began operations in August 2001. The hospice is located from the Coast General Hospital, near the Medical Training College at Mombasa. 2 4. A.I.C Kijabe Hospital Location: Mombasa Year of institution: 1915 AIC Kijabe Hospital is an faith-based hospital governed by the Africa Inland Church (AIC) Kenya. Itcurrently features a bed capacity of 363 withnine operating theater rooms, contemporary ICU, Cosmetic, and Laboratory/ Pathology versions. 25. Diani Beach Hospital Location: Diani Year of establishment: 1997 Diani Beach Hospital is a premier individual healthcare service.Facilities at a healthcare facility comprise out patient practices, health care services, Physio Therapy, xray, lab, dentistry, ICU maintenance, minor and major theaters. 26. It supplies in patient and out- patient services operating twenty four hours every day. 28. Mombasa Hospital Location: Mombasa Year of institution: 1891 The Mombasa Hospital is Considered the earliest and biggest private health club facility at the Coast Province of Kenya.

Central Province Hospitals at Kenya

2-9. A.I.C Kijabe Hospital Location: Kijabe Year of institution: 1915 30. Consolata Hospital Location: Nyeri Year of establishment: 1937 a healthcare facility is a flat V wellness centre operated and owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri. 3 1. Nanyuki Cottage Hospital (NCH) Location: Nanyuki Year of establishment: 1934 As its name impliesthe Nanyuki Cottage Hospital is a non profit hospital with50 in patient beds, operating theater, lab, xray department and drugstore. NCH is situated at the base of Mt. Kenya a single kilometre from the Nanyuki Nyeri Highway. 3 2. P.C.E.A. Kikuyu Hospital Location: Kikuyu Year of establishment: 1908 The clinic includes 2 big components; both the Orthopedic and Eye unit also focuses primarily on general orthopaedics in addition to rehabilitative orthopaedic operation for persons using Physical impairments. 3 3.

Rift Valley Province Hospitals

3 4. Barnet Memorial Hospital, Kabarnet Location: Baringo County Year of establishment: 1997 Barnet Memorial Hospitalis an Exclusive Hospital & Nursing Home Located across Stadium Road,Kabarnetin Baringo County. 3 6. St Mary’s Mission Hospital, Gilgil Location: Gilgil Year of institution: After the unrest that sprouted because of tussle within the Administration of this hospital, even Nuns from the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi have allegedly taken within the direction ofSt Mary’s Mission Hospital.

Nyanza Province Hospitals

3 6. Aga Khan Hospital Location: Kisumu Year of establishment: 1957 3-7. Nyanza Provincial Hospital Location: Kisumu Year of institution

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