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Heather Clem can be just really actually a hottie who climbed because of as a heterosexual wife to her husband in a few of the methods that are very ironic. Not only is that she theformer wife toBubba that the Love Sponge Clem good friend of former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan,Heather is famous if you are theplaymate who had an adulterous affair in video with Hogan.


Heather Clem Has Been bornHeather Dawn Coleon July 1, 1974, at West Virginia, USA. No information can be found on instruction lifetime, and her parents however we do understand that she graduated from the University of Arizona.

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Heather Clem’s Affair With Hulk Hogan

Heather was Terry Bollea called Hulk Hogan was leaked on line ” a networking company, in 2012 byGawker and relatively Bubba before a scandalous sex tape between her. If Heather was dating Hogan and Bubba was wed to his then-wife the escapade took place. Theillicit affairwasactually Bubba ‘s idea although Hulk Hogan ‘s union was in crisis, his very best friend Bubba, given Heather up to cheer up his friend after his union started crumbling and Hogan agreed for it. That the sexual tape has been captured, Hogan blamed his then-wife Linda her alleging she drove him to deceive as she had been verbally and mentally abusive . On the flip side, Heather asserts Bubba and she were within a open affair at which he didn’Never mind her with sexual partners and enjoyed making records of her romps. Therefore after being forced Heather by her spouse and Hulk Hogan had sex at a sack in the home of Bubba , she is claimed by althoughshe and the WWE champ have been unaware Bubba was filming them. A few weeks realized that the footage that was explicit had been captured by Bubba, she became mad demanding that the video be destroyed. She believed he’d done until the cassette seemed at October 2012 on Gawker, together with parties asserting they had. Thus, Hulk Hogan resisted Gawker for sharing with that the brief clip that immediately went viral.He contended that the publicized video revealed an invasion of his own privacy, imposed mental harassment and damaged his private life. The WWE winner received $140 million in 20-16 in compensation from Gawker. In addition, he sought compensation against Bubba the Love Sponge and his wife for filming him Heather Clem actwhich he said has been captured with no consent. Heather said shejust wanted the consideration to fade off but felt embarrassed when Hogan moved into court and started talking about the media, After Gawker leaked the clip on the web. She, apologised into Hogan and nevertheless, hailed against Gawker Media because of his case. Bubba andHogan settled the suit following a sex tape escape for about $ 5,000. Nevertheless, the clip was one among the additional times Heather had left out in the behest of her then-husband with Hogan. The duo had gender four different occasions at the studio of Clem , in his home, in her bedroom, as soon as at a Tennessee hotel. A number of sources asserted Heather Clem had affairs together with a number of men at the requestwhile she was married that were recorded by him of her husband . A few of the sex tapes were taken using a overhead camera using an men that were various the bedroom of Bubba they had been filmed.

Is She To Bubba Love Sponge? 

Heather Colewas the wife of Bubba but changed his name in 1999 given to him with a DJ. Clem and heather got n September 15, 2011, and no kids were produced by the marriage. But, Heatherhas a girl Julia Champ in the prior marriage. It eventually resulted in his or her divorce and is theorized that the sex tape scandal took a toll. Heather clarifies Clem who’s well famous for controversies as both loving and funny, but also manipulative, egotistical. Heather is now working like resides in Tampa, Florida and a instructor in AdvoCare.

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