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Deborah Ajakaiye was first born in 1940 Nation funding at Nigeria’s region. Back in 1980, she turned into the trainee scientist in the continent and Nigeria. This accomplishment moved undetected or simply celebrated, It’s a mystery. Wishing you have your own encounter with her or stumble upon her name online, you might not ever know about her. The success since the first scientist in Physics of deborah is unique. Within the society today we all encounter women doing amazing things in today’s tech and science world. Back at your daytime, such wasn’t common. The glass ceiling struck venturing into the area of science fiction. In conjunction with the center temperament of the property of her arrival, Deborah achieved.

Family History

Prof.Ajakaiye was blessed to own parents that believed in sex equality and also the energy of instruction. She remembers back afterward how sex and roles played with among her sisters at the chores. She had been the 5th of 6 kids. In her old age, this attribute would be identified by her as a factor that lent her freedom to live her potentials out . In a meeting with NTA, parents invited never to be more in choosing toys to their 21, conscious. She’s similar to this send a note into the kiddies ‘s mind at the stage, of the belief which behaviors. In math, Deborah had shown genius In a tender age. For geophysics, she preferred with the purpose of donating to this society.


Prof.Deborah Ajakaiye got her undergraduate degree at Physicsfrom theUniversity of Ibadan at 1962. She furthered her education received her PhD in Geophysics fromAhmadu Bello University, also andreceived the level of A-Master at theUniversity of all Birminghamin England. It wasn’t any real surprise that she wound up at the field. She educated at theUniversity of Jos at which she functioned as the dean of sciences and after had been kept in Ahmadu Bello University. Ajakaiye became the first professor of math at Africa in 1980.


From 1991, she retired from instructional assignments and gave attention to her charity businesses; Christian look after Widows, Widowers, both the Aged and Orphans, (CCWA). Through this non-religious and nonpolitical stage, Prof. Deborah caters into the allround welfare- physically, emotionally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually — of this prospective category. CCWA declared its 25th anniversary scheduled Believe absolutely, using the motif at Abuja, Nigeria for October 12 14, 20 17. It’s more than members out of the prospective collections. CCWA is within 25 countries of the united states with centers that are 509 covering most of the six zones. Up to now, the organization has given scholarships to 663 orphans; trained 1600 widows at a variety of skills; awarded 822 micro-loans to enrolled widows; and ran medicals on 884 widows throughout the zones in addition to coordinated wellness conversations into over 2500 widows from HIV/AIDS — Sense effort amongst others.


The Nigeriangeophysicist played a significant part in Nigeria in mining. She made contributions into Nigeria’s development during hydrocarbon discoveries. Courtesy Ajakaiye proffered means to track down ground water and vitamin residue . For this, she had been honoured and given Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society. Ajakaiyewas African to become termed a fellow of theGeological Society of London. She made presentations and has written novels. The publication is now an global reference material on research and studies to the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and deltas that are much like . Ajakaiyeserved like a part of their Advisory Council of AAPG by 2001 to 2004 and has been chosen to AAPG’s Africa Region President (2005 — 2007). She had been the very first and African American to get the AAPG award. It’s obviously a worthy attention to understand Deborah Ajakaiye is now contributing NNPC’s pursuit to boost the state ‘s crude oil reservations throughout the geophysical exploration of this neighboring sedimentary basins like the Chad Basin,” Gongola/Yola Basin, Benue trough, Anambra Basin, Bida Basin, Sokoto Basin and the Dahomey Basin.

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