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Cheryl Kitonga will be your hottest woman after Jicho Pevu discovered her to function as the puzzle mistress of Jacob Juma to catch the news headlines on papers and blogs. The Tycoon ‘s girl friend turned into the main topic of conversation, scorn and ridicule together with memes most of of the jokes and announcements on networking once she had been subjected because the lady that saw him living against her drifting around out of every angle. Adhering to nerve wracking disclosure, the beauty has tried very tough to dodge the press. She’s also chosen to stay away all social-media programs. Out of decimating her entire life, social-media users, nevertheless, have not ceased. We fetch while she’s still painful over the come from the episode.

Cheryl Kitonga Biography

Little is understood concerning Cheryl Kitonga, whose rise to fame has been closely connected with another person’s passing. Is out of the expos that went viral of Ali . In that moment, Cherly hurried to her FB accounts to de activate that, so she wouldn’t be clubbed on societal media.However, her photos and info’d been already acquired and just a small details. From that which has been obtained, Cheryl is understood to take her late 20’s that were . The young Nairobi girl resides with her own parents. She had been in a relationship once news of her transgressions struck on the airwaves. This motivated her boy friend to ditch her. She has outdated some people on networking. Cheryl is speculated to have obsolete popular Twitter users earlier Jacob Juma, among whom studied Journalism and Mass Communication, although the list may not be more exhaustive.


Cheryl Kitonga is a Advertising and Advertising student at the University of Nairobi. She had been in 2009 2013 at the University. In accordance with info regarding her Linked in webpage, she chased a Degree in B-COMM (Marketing/Marketing Management, General in Computer Pride). Cheryl happens to be business minded.So it maybe perhaps not surprising she entered in to a “perform and cover deal” together with Jacob Juma, with a massive reputation for doing this organizations. Any such thing contributed in exchange for the money is firm?

Dating With Jacob Juma

Cheryl didn’t want her buddies, talk to be familiar with her own partnership. Within her entry that was promoted on KTN,” Ms Kitonga disclosed 1 night she met the Jacob Juma. She said they met at an m pesa pro shop where she’d visited find cash to purchase food. She confessed that they both sensed a connection especially since she thought he’d be in a position to help her. To match Juma, Cheryl had to sneak in and outside of her home at a taxi.When that it ‘s time for you to move home,Jacob would shed her into town at the cover of darkness before forcing his Karen home; how it just happened that the night he had been murdered.

Quick Truth About Cheryl Kitonga

Not too Intelligent Cheryl wasn’t smart enough to learn she wasn’t assumed to reveal her personal concessions although she Clever. And if she needs to talk about the gist, she must have sieved some things outside as it had been never and a telephone call really just a face to face talk. She also wasn’t enough to work out Mohammed Ali bribed the motorist who was able to drive on her missions that are , where exactly her dropped off he was murdered to extract information out of her around. She cried HarassmentAnd Was Tormented reluctantly Cheryl Kitonga, later being listed on call confessing to being businessman Jacob Juma that was murdered, that the beauty talked up saying thatshe is passing through distress and she would like to be left . She wishes to be left although she told that a friend that unknown people and the media were harassing her.

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