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Amanda Dufner is really just a star spouse known to American golfer Jason Dufner. It’s unarguably true that the former union to PGA Tour of Amanda winner Dufner helped boost her fame. Amanda and her partner made the news headlines as the most high profile spouses butunfortunately of a member of golf , their union was short lived once they hit a patch which led to a divorce. Therefore, brunette that was thevery was speculated to be considered a star mistress who got embroiled with a few of the very prosperous golfers of those planet .

Who’s the Exwife of Amanda Dufner — Jason Dufner?

Details about the historical life and family of Amanda Dufner aren’t known. It is understood that she actually is out of Millbrook, Alabama and has been created Amanda Boyd. Although an undergraduate at the University of Alabama, amanda fulfilled Jason Dufner at ’09. During that moment, Jason was on the flip side, a professional golfer using a lifetime on the PGA tour. The couple that were introduced into one another with way of a mutual friend so on started dating and the connection flourished to an engagement.Jason suggested to Amanda fleetingly afterwards shegraduated from faculty in July 2011, while these were about a weekend in newyork. From Might another year, both Jason and Amanda have been marriedat an outside wedding in Fountainview. Since these were seen on the course they became a golf power couple. Regrettably, using the headlines of these separation at February 2015 and a divorce in March of the same year, the couple stunned many within just 3 decades of union old. WhileAmanda received $2.5 million, also a Mercedes SUV and the pair ‘s French bull dog Prince Louie because of settlement, her exhusband Jason retained ownership of both Alabama domiciles. The couple had no children. After her divorce, her Insta-gram accounts that was hot with a massive fan base was deleted by Amanda. She kept her furry friend at which she posts pictures of himself and canine, the Insta-gram of Prince Louie accounts.

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Can She Be currently Dating Anyone? 

After their divorce, the rumors went which Amanda was with a affair with golfer Tiger Woods. The breakup with her exhusband Jason of amanda was linked into this affair that supposedly led’s parting from his Lindsey Vonn. It’s reported that the partnership with all Woods broke off after she learned he cheated on her. The allegation connecting the duo romantically together was fairly unthinkable considering the fact that Amanda Dufner was considered being a hottie and also an urgent wife ruler for Jason while on the flip side, Tiger Woods who’s just really a highest athlete at a league of their or her own, has received his livelihood successes rocked with adultery scandals he had been tagged a serial cheater. Resources maintained that though Tiger and Lindsey for two or more decades outdated, he’d a ‘entity ‘ to get Amanda. The event was believed to have begun with innocent but became so more acute. Even the allegations were stoked afterAmanda had been spotted online golf classes if Wood played well as if Amanda relocatedto Florida andspent $675,000 out of her divorce settlement to purchase a3,000-square-foot house in Jupiter, only a couple kilometers away out of Woods’ Tiger’s multi-million-dollar IslandEstate! Both Woods and Amanda have remained silentabout that the allegations. That the speculations of a relationship between Boyd and Woods were afield when Amanda ‘s ex husband Woods and Jason were seen cooperating together merely a month or two following the bomb shell reports. Exactly like her exhusband and rumored fan, Amanda Dufner has proceeded along with her life.She could now be unmarried because she’s retained information on her private life private following the divorce along with scandalous rumors. The celebrity wife is allegedly alicensed estate agent and has not been linked to anybody.

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