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8 Famous Kenyan Pastors And The Huge Scandals That Have Ruined Their Fame Bio

Who is 8 Famous Kenyan Pastors And The Huge Scandals That Have Ruined Their Fame?

The magnitude of dangling over their heads has swept under the rug some pastors. Several of those scandals include bogus wonders, to sleeping people’s wives at the name of cleansing now to murdering impunity; these collectively have shamed the titles and reputations of their pastors included, also it has also ignited disparaging remarks about the Christian beliefs, which makes it a excellent target of criticism from different faiths and religions. Obviously once Kenyan Preachers that Rob Individuals from the Name of God’s list was published later the scandal of Pastor Kanyari , people thought it’d function to additional pastors that were bogus. However, it didn’t as stories that are unwelcoming are still daily quickly to focus. All these are graphics and those that titles have been tarnished. Inch. The controversy didn’t end there whilst the ex-convict to murdering a lady now being hunted down is regarded as performing wonders.

2. Bishop Gilbert Deya He’s a Kenyan preacher that is UK-based. As stated by him, he has forces to earn women pregnant. He’s left out of those groups of scandals certainly one which entailed UK and Kenyan police concluding that Deya along with his wife ran a smuggling ring dressed at the visual appeal of a ministry where kids are stolen by them and persuading them. He was accused assaults. Gilbert Deya, the miracle babies manufacturer, wascharged using one count of attempted rape against a lady and three counts of rape. 3. Prophetess Lucy Nduta and the prophetess who calls himself HIV/AIDs healer meet up with. She explained prayers she has cure for this disorder. She resorted to get HIV/AIDs healing wonders to her followers and landed for deceiving people. 4. Pastor Michael Njoroge– Fire Gospel Ministry This warrior became one among those scandal-stricken pastors after having a prostitute by the name Esther Mwende disclosed he was able to have s*x and at precisely exactly the exact same time cover them to testify falsely from the church regarding wonders.

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Njoroge was featured in the press on his miracle asserts. He reported to authorities that gunmen blasted with bullets his automobile. However he escaped unhurt. ButNairobi police supervisor Anthony Kibuchi said that they guess that the episode might happen to be stage-managed and also because of this they had allowed his gun whether it’d fired to find out. The pastor asserted he had been at the vehicle but authorities insist with all the exit and entrance points of these bullets, he’d have been hurt. 5. Bishop Thomas Wahome– a part of Christ Church He told that a fat lie into his team he was allowed use of God’s Novel of Life and started to bill his followers a whopping sh1, 000 to share with them if their names were written in the Book of Life or never. And Wahome told his followers to get with his cloth plus they’ll soon be cured. This ‘s much too lots of lies. 6. Prophet Victor Kanyari– prophet who works Salvation Healing Ministry and 3-10 Infamy A doctor. For attempting to sell wonders the press busted him. He cried faithfuls that were innocent having a promise of miracles that were bogus. 7. It’s stated that the Kiunas have transitioned worship’s house where all kinds of business starting into pyramids approaches beauty pageants, from prostitution are flourishing. They are believed to be performing wonders at a currency from Kenyans. Kiuna maintained by draining 1 / 2 your banking accounts the amount will be found by you on to your accounts. 8. Pastor Arthur Gitonga He created Redeemed Gospel Churches. Known for his way of life, he’s also accused of catching a parcel of property. He deals amount which range from Sh200-20 he performs.

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