7 Most Expensive Cars Owned By African Footballers Wiki, Married

Footballers are well famous to devote massive quantities of money to purchase cars, which can be their glamorous and most costly purchases and footballers are no exceptions. In the event that you will like, They’re not reluctant to dab on heavy amounts.

7. Sulley Muntari of Ghana: Lamborghini-gallardo

Maximum Selling Price million

Sulley Muntari can be actually really just a midfielder who played for his country Ghana in addition to Inter Milan. Muntari was section of this Portsmouth team that raised the FA cup throughout both successive seasons of 2009/10 and 2008/9. He compels a Lamborghini-gallardo that is candy . Cars are loved by him so much he runs on the automobile.

6. Mikel Obi of Nigeria: Bentley Continental GT

Maximum Selling Price million

Mikel Obi’s caliber and shape when with a lot of his fans ‘ t move in Chelsea didn but affected the total amount. When it concerns the sort of car footballer pushes the narrative is different. Rides a 2008 version of this Bentley Continental GT along with very top of the range cars. The top end 2008 Bentley Continental GT includes an equally large end 1-2 cylinder engine, luxury interior and exterior information and conventional 20″ brakes. The price tag is a.

5. Emmanuel Adebayor of to Go: Aston Martin DBS V-12

Selling Cost: R 3 million

Emmanuel Adebayor Possesses Also a Fisker Karma, a Bentley, a Mercedes GClass and a fleet of luxury cars One of them a Porsche Carrera. However, his Aston Martin DBS (Volante) could be the priciest car in their own fleet and probably the loveliest of .

4. Didier Drogba of Ivory Coast: Mercedes SL65

Selling Cost: R 6 million

Didier Drogba is actually really just a football legend that left his name. He’s well known because of his remarkable abilities and passion for that match. Chelsea fans voted him whilst the biggest player of the team 2012. A enthusiast of football features a Mercedes SL65. The automobile is tasteful to equal the prestige of a person that entertained and has really inspired countless fans.

3. Obafemi Martins of Nigeria: Mercedesbenz SLR McLaren (Convertible)

Maximum Value million

Obafemi Martins plays his national team and Seattle Sounders . A convertible Mercedes McLaren that’s anticipated to cost no more longer than 335,000 is owned by him. He adores the vehicle no wonder he had been seen revealing off it a time backagain.

2. El Hadj Diouf of Senegal: Mercedes McLaren SLR

Estimate Cost million

El Hadj Diouf is really just a footballer at Africa where he has emerged as the champion of the footballer of the season of this continent . An Mercedes McLaren SLR that’s anticipated to be worth roughly 400,000 is owned by the celebrity. He’s had stints in nightclubs for example Liverpool, Sunderland, Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers and Bolton Wanderers. Though you may concur that using category of cars it might well not matter which team he plays , He’s currently a free agent.

Inch. Samuel Eto’Conclusion of Cameroon: Bugatti Veyron

Cost: R 18 million

While Eto’o possesses a costly fleet of cars that is worth it’s that his Bugatti Veyron that sticks apart because priciest & the trendiest. For Bugatti Veyron holds the place of the fastest and costliest car on the planet. And that man Samuel Eto’Decision is. He’s really actually just a fan of cars and it is famous to get a broad selection of rides for example a Maybach Xenatec worth approximately 750,000 and a Martin one 77 appreciated at 1.25 million. All these players are using it fine in case is not anything to pass. The selection of cars is motivated with their own love for rides that were good and not. Afterall they got money in their missions and could afford it as they’ve worked hard.

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