10 Well Known Ugandan A-listers You Have Never Heard about

In regards to actors and getting famous, Uganda has lagged behind quite somewhat compared to the some other African states. But, There Are Many Ugandan actors who’ve caused it into the “famous” listing and therefore are known not only in Uganda however other Areas of the Globe Too, here’s our listing of Ugandan actors who’ve made it beyond the national degree


10 Ugadian famous peoples you never heard yet

Inch. Jose Chameleon Jose may possibly have left it for the list through some rather wrong means however, occasionally the end justifies the way. Chameleon was the 1st Ugandan star to present others that came to the tendency of using elderly wealthy women to cultivate 1 ‘s riches. If anybody recalls the hit song Dorotia, which has been the name of this lady who gave Jose a rise. Though rumour has it she had been a famous drug dealer, that didn’t prevent Jose out of revealing that the much old woman some love as a swap for money.Jose can be a fantastic singer that gives him an additional advantage over many different musicians from the nation. His song ma ma mia was a serious break through to make him a favorite global singer. 2. Ragga Dee Ragga was at the audio industry for a long long period and though his music isn’t quite as popular today as it had been earlier, he’s enjoying the luck out of his ancient music days. After Ragga Dee started singing, the audio industry from Uganda was flourishing as a result of this few of artists in the moment. Ragga Dee became highly popular because there have been few musicians who may possibly be contrasted to him during that moment. His music makes it into the air channels and studios till now. He is among the Ugandan celebritiestoday. 3. Geoffrey Lutaaya Geoffrey is now currently arguably among the very widely used and heavily loved artists in Uganda. His music brings a excellent audience before now. Lutaaya’s music records are a number of the very selling music records in the nation. The singer also possesses a great amount of companies in Kampala included in this could be your Calender remaining house. He’s not just renowned because of his music but also because of his riches. 4. Bobi Wine Being among the most plentiful artists in Uganda evident from the high-end world cars he pushes and possessing an more than 4 billion mansion at Kasangati one of other thriving organizations in Kampala, Bobi is additionally one of the most common regional artist inside the nation. 5. Being a real daughter to a few of the wealthiest men in Uganda, becoming famous is now arrived quite readily for Angella. She’s also rated one of the rich artists from the nation. Gaetano Juko Kaggwa Many folks remember him Big Lady Africa when he symbolized Uganda at your house at 2003. Gaetano is now the UN Aids special representative and also a presenter of a traveling program on M Net. He’s also a wellknown Radio presenter and among the famed Ugandan superstars.

Common Ugandan Superstars — The Checklist Remains

7. Esther Nabasa Mugiza She also even took the Kenyan Tusker job celebrity ‘s countless dwelling after defeating 18 contestants in season two. Nabasa is among the most recent entrants from the Ugandan celebrity ring as well as also her popularity remains to blossom as rumour is she has written over 100 songs which she’s yet to discharge. The planet is waiting to listen to her lovely voice ! 8. He’s making his fans more happy whenever that his song strikes the channels. Babe Cool’s fame climbed, more, when he made to play in Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday at London where May Smith had been the MC. 9. Maureen Namatovu Though she have not caused it to be high to the celebrity of those Ugandan stars since her predecessor Gaetanno Kaggwa,” Maureen forced it last to leave your home from the newly completed Enormous brother Africa II. We do not understand very well what she’s intending to complete with herself but she’s got without doubt left it into the renowned set in Uganda. 10. Juliana Kanyamozi we all understand her as the gorgeous judge from the Kenyan program Tusker job popularity. Juliana is likewise an artist that includes improved her popularity even more.

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