10 Ghana Superstars Each Single Ghanaian Ought to Be Aware of

Talk of states that originated out of oblivion into the center of attention, and you undoubtedly have to say Ghana. In reality, Ghana was able to generate a livelihood and lifestyles to get hordes of its actors whose sway isn’t merely sensed in Ghana but also with the rest of Africa together with some being renowned worldwide. Because of this, most Ghanaians are now able to enjoy the popularity, the sway and the star status the same as any celebrated find outside there. To allow you to understand about Ghana’s star Earth, we all now ‘ve compiled a set of the 10 most adored Ghana actors that you learn. And ‘s the listing


Inch. Sarkodie

Sarkodie is really actually just a Ghanaian hiphop performer that has won the hearts of several due to his passion for music, hiphop to be special, without having to be influenced by the western civilization. Because of this, his music was always compiling distinct graphs earning him a premier spot in Ghana’s hip landscape. Additionally, he’s the sole hiphop performer in Ghana who was able to scoop a enormous multitude of awards at Ghana and in precisely exactly the exact same moment, earn a global fame.

2. Self Assurance Haugen

Confidence Haugen may perhaps not be a picture or music celebrity, however she’s absolutely on the list of record of Ghana’s most renowned characters. She was able to develop a massive impression one of the taxpayers of Ghana for her amazing small business abilities. For just one, she possesses a chain of hot golf clubs in Ghana in addition to a number of the very renowned organizations in the nation. Her poise and her outstanding sex appeal has contributed to the love and esteem she receives from most the folks, that makes her one of the greatest ladies in Ghana whois on a severe pursuit on her or her money.

3. Becca (Rebeca Acheampong)

The name of becca, whose, is unquestionably among the characters in Ghana. As a prosperous AfroPop songstress, she’s managed to transform herself in to a significant new and, at precisely exactly the exact same time, acquire the love of most as a consequence of her amazing gift regardless of being at a for a brief time. Ergo, she’s managed to acquire several awards while cooperating with a few of the universe ‘s most renowned superstars such as Hugh Musekela. She was managed to catch the hearts of many when she enrolled tens of thousands of privileged kids in Ghana in to the National-Health-Insurance-scheme.

4. Stephen Appiah

Stephen Appiah can be. He had been the crew ‘s captain throughout the 2006 worldcup also played a dynamic role in the team at the 2010 World Cup which had been held at South Africa.

5. Kofi Amoabeng

Kofi Amoabeng could be the creator and the present CEO of Particular trust-company (UT), that epitomizes Ghanaian creativity soul of ‘we may perform it’. He’s famous for starting the provider virtually from scratch and which makes it among the very most effective self service businesses in Ghana. This provider is recorded as an associate of their ‘Ghana Club 10’.

6. Komla Dumor

Komla Dumor is among the very admired news loopholes in Ghanacurrently dealing together with the BBC. He’s admired and, at precisely exactly the exact same time, known as the guy who accepted Ghana’s radio arena into an global level. This has left him a frequent resource of inspiration for everybody who would like to get in radio stations in addition to the ones who are looking to endeavor their own livelihood on an global platform. He made the nation more happy when he broadcasted the headlines headlines of a royal wedding at britain.

7. Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson is just a favorite monitor diva whose acting skills have made her among the most admired actresses in the Nigeria and Ghana. Despite being fresh in the movie arena, this gorgeous celeb has won the hearts of several. Actually, every picture she stars is a automatic hit, but not just in Ghana and Nigeria however also the remainder of Africa. She’s newly launched her own company named Glaucoma Foundation, whose aim is to acquire enough capital that would be to be led towards rescuing people’s sight.

8. Kwami Sefa Kayi

Kwami Sefa Kayi is a popular broadcaster and a Slew of All Kakrooko Morning Show on Ghana’s Peace FM. His series isn’t merely recognized as the very ideal breakfast series however also an unbelievable series that’s accompanied by a succession of interviews and sensual music.

9. Abedi Ayew Pele

Exactly like Appiah, Abedi is acclaimed as a fantastic football player whose efforts got the team in to the worldcup 2006, for your very first time. He is even loved by Ghanaians . Lately, his community soccer team Nania, won Ghana’s FA cup.

10. Na Na Aba Anamoah

The story behind the stunning and famous television personality is the thing that causes her to be regarded as a strong and sexiest lady in Ghana’s networking industry. She’s one mum who resisted the temptation of aborting her child and opted to stay focused as she struggled her chances and hardship to discover where she remains currently. She jumpstarted her career as a news anchor in TV3 before becoming the Divas Show sponsor. And going through all of the hardships of the typical Ghanaian girl, she’s squeezed herself among many very best articles in the press industry in Ghana and, even while at exactly the exact same time, changing herself into a resource of inspiration for aspiring news anchors and television characters.

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